Job Proposal Presentation Book

Proposal for a very large construction project.

Secret Client Proposal
I've worked on several big proposals but this one is by far the most involved. And, from what we hear, one of the best proposal books ever presented in the construction industry. Believe it or not, proposals for very large construction projects are usually not 'designed' and are mostly just text that gets spiral bound. While I cannot disclose who the client is, let's just say that they are building a brand new corporate headquarters and Tishman was one of a few companies given an RFP. Since the potential client is very well-known for their designs it was important for Tishman to present something that was also designed well and was inspired by the client's products and proposed building. 

In addition to working closely with the CD for 2 weeks, I also worked directly with the VP of marketing and the CEO to assure we produced a great product. This was an edition of 15. 

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